Accepted first medicine for thinning – For what other conditions are these medicines tested

The US drug organization gave green light to the first drug for which at the same time it can prevent a heart attack and stroke. Semaglutide is administered at different dosages and to regulate diabetes mellitus. For diabetes semaglutide is sold under the trade name Ozempic. For thinning the drug is sold as Wegovy. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved Wegovy to prevent threatening cardiovascular events in cardiopathic adults with unnecessary pounds. “Veterinary disease sufferers who are overweight or obese, are at increased risk of heart attack, brain and cardiovascular death,” said Dr. John Sharretts, director of Sectoral Diabetes, Lipid & Obesity Disorders (DDLDO) of the FDA. In what other areas can these farms help? New medicines for diabetes and thinning appear to provide multiple health benefits, according to more and more studies. Last Friday, the U.S. drug organization approved one of them, semaglutide, to prevent heart attacks and strokes in overweight and obese patients. However, she is not the only one being studied for several more diseases, according to the news agency Reuters. Here’s a few more: Alcohol addiction At the University of Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet Hospital Psychiatric Center a study is being conducted with semaglutide to determine whether it can reduce alcohol consumption in obese alcohol sufferers. 108 patients have been enrolled in the study. Alzheimer’s disease A study of semaglutide has been initiated in patients with baseline Alzheimer’s disease. The study will introduce a total of 1,840 patients. The first results may be announced in 2025. Cardiovascular diseases Semaglutide was already approved, as mentioned above, to prevent heart attacks and strokes in overweight and obese heart patients without diabetes. As announced by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the drug was studied in 17,604 patients. As found, it reduces the risk of serious cardiovascular events by 20%. It also reduces the risk of non-fatal myocardial infarction by 28%. Another of the medicines for diabetes and thinning, tirzepatide, is studied in obese patients with heart failure. Overall, approximately 700 patients will be studied. In addition, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong semaglutide is studied in 140 patients with ischaemic stroke. It is tested in combination with removal of the clot that causes the stroke. Chronic renal disease Medicines for diabetes and thinning are also being studied to prevent the progression and reduction of deaths from chronic kidney disease. New data published last week showed that semaglutide reduces the risk of severe renal events in patients with diabetes mellitus by 24%. Chronic kidney disease is a common complication of diabetes. It is estimated that 40% of the sufferers manifest it. Accordingly, tirzepatide is studied in 140 obese patients with chronic kidney disease. Fat in the liver Both of these drugs are studied for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, as the “fat in the liver” is scientifically called. Tirzepatide was tested at various doses in a study with nearly 190 advanced disease sufferers. At all doses it helped up to 74% of those receiving it achieve the absence of the disease. Semaglutide is at the final stage of clinical structural development involving nearly 1,200 patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Neurological disorders Scientists from Rigshospitalet Hospital Capital Center in Copenhagen are studying semaglutide along with a very low calorie diet as a treatment for the emerging idiopathic intracranial hypertension. This is a obesity-related condition. It is characterized by an increase in pressure inside the skull. A total of 50 patients will be included in the study. Sleep apnea Tirzepatide is in the final phase of clinical studies for obese patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Others of them treat with a special breathing device and others do not. A total of 469 patients are expected to join the study.