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A Man in Authority – Maybe this is better?

of Andrew M.Karagiannis,
Political Scientist, Writer
Comparatively, if we look at today’s large nation-states like Britain and France, flourished on a global geostrategic level from the 14th to the 19th century…
During this period, there was only one who was in charge and took the key and serious or detrimental decisions. The King.
Today, with the flawed democracy of the two states that have lost huge part of the old-world influence and is παρακολουθηματα of the United States. The comparison of Italy today threatened to bail-in collapsing banks and follows the orders of Germany, with the mighty roman empire is worthless. All of these states, like Greece, what they have in common? Democracy at its worst, demagoguery, populism, unstable governments, tragic pluralism in decision-making, a recession. The only thing for which you boast is that they keep the humanism (virtual) and protect the freedom of opinion. Lie. If any strong editor decided in these countries to form otherwise the public would have change a lot.
Whenever in the republic are in charge of the interchangeable shapers fashion, an oligarchy, that is, and occurs recession and gloom, while in Russia, for example, the not-so-democratic Putin, received almost dissolved by Yeltsin and the γιγάντωσε, strengthening of cultural, consolidating again in the international scene. Erdogan the same. Can the way of to be highly fascist, but he brought the Turkey in a frenzied development of at least ten percentage points, and was a key player. In Greece every 2 years we have elections, every day strikes, it’s unworthy of commenting why don’t we go ahead.
I was never a fascist. But think about some things. For seven years, a military Junta in Greece, by people, elderly that I’ve met, everybody, except the Communists, argued that they were all great works, there was a significant development, and, above all, safety. An extreme example of Hitler. He slaughtered the people, took the Germany from an extremely difficult recession, his people loved him. Perhaps the best period in Germany was with this insane, criminal, other than the savior of Germany after the first world. Our own Alexander the Great, for us a hero, for some foreign imperial, bloodthirsty. Everything in the story that we learn is subjective, it’s the winner, just provide us with teachings. Fixed I support that in this morass that we have reached, we need the Authority of an intelligent, honest, not violent, spiritual man. Otherwise, I ask that plan.

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