A great deal of attention: When to worry with an allergy?

    Often the symptoms of the allergy may be hiding something else…
    such as, for example, a flu or an infection. These are the symptoms in order not to get confused:
    Symptoms that are not caused by allergies
    Thick or green mucus. The allergy is not caused fever, unlike colds, which can coexist fever and thick yellow or green mucus.
    Fever. Hot flashes and chills are symptoms that are not associated with allergies.
    Pain in the cheeks. While allergies cause pressure and tingling around the eye area, the pain that starts from the cheeks and even the teeth may signify an inflammatory disease and requires antibiotics.
    Cough. The cough is a very common symptom of allergies and colds. How to stand out? When it is accompanied with other symptoms such as fever, apparently it is an infection. In each case, however, it is imperative a visit to your physician.
    Traffic congestion and bad breath. The stuffy nose is the hallmark of seasonal allergies, but it can happen for a number of different reasons. When combined with smelly breath or a bad taste in the mouth, it is probably a sign of infection.
    In any case, if you feel sick, visit your doctor to exclude an infection that requires antibiotics or flu.