A cry of anguish from hoteliers – Tombstone tourism the end of night

The intense concerns of relevant actors of the market the strengths of the Greek tourism…
after the wave of tax burden that comes in the box of the agreement with the lenders expressed in the general assembly of SETE.
Concerns about the strength of Greek tourism expressed by the president of SETE Andreas Andreadis of the 24th general ordinary meeting of the Association, which will be closed with the speech of the prime minister, who will make his first appearance in front of an industry that has seen the taxation of the launch in a few months, creating conditions of unequal competition with the neighbouring countries.
As he said, “despite the hard work and the very positive year of 2015, remains troubled with the huge load that has been loaded, the Greek tourism for the support of the Greek economy”.
Under the pressure of the evaluation, the government is ready, as noted by mr Andreadis, the increase in the cost of the accommodation, the focus, the alcoholic, the tickets of museums, thereby increasing the basket of the tourist, which, according to mr. Andreadis, notes loss of 10% due to the taxes of the third memorandum.
At the same time, SETE, through the mouths of mr Andreadis, referring to the “tombstone” of tourism entrepreneurship on the occasion of the proposal for the end of the stay, which as pointed out, appeared out of “nowhere” and if implemented will concern hotels above 2 stars, and pensions of over 2 keys.
At this point mr. Andreadis underlined that it is impossible to control the daily fullness 1 million rooms in 50 thousand properties, while the imposition of such a tax will lead to massive statements of degradation.
Kefalogianni: Government decision and not that of the lenders the end of night
Toxic featured the measure of the fee of accommodation, the coordinator of the Sector Production Trade.D. Olga Kefalogianni, and requested him to retire while he blamed the government for amateurism and lack of knowledge. Referred to in recent reports prime minister Alexis Tsipras on tourism, the featured degrading for the area and worked at obsessions. He also noted that “the end of night it’s a government decision. They have the responsibility! No IMF, no lender. They decide and they vote”.
Fire the Olga Kefalogianni gathered and the competent minister for Tourism E. Kountoura. As said the representative of the SOUTHWEST, there are a number of Ministerial Decisions (Y.A.) and JMD, which should have been signed a long time so as to activate the relevant provisions. “Eighteen months is a long time to not be absolutely nothing on this issue,” he noted.
Optimism from Kountoura for year-record
From the side of the deputy minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Elena Κουντουρα made reason for year-a record. In particular, the minister referred to the challenges and opportunities that characterize this year, expressing optimism that it will be another positive year for tourism.
She said the fact that it lengthens the tourist season, which will run this year from 7 April to the end of November, noting the increased presence of tour operators this year to up-and-coming destinations, such as Kalamata, Skiathos and Thassos.
The minister also referred to the positive signals from the Russian market for the season. Citing the estimates of Russian officials and tour operators that participated in the first ελληνορωσικό tourist forum that was held last night at the Lagonissi, spoke for more than 1 million. Russian tourists expected to visit this year, our country.
Then he asked for the commitment of the entrepreneurs of the tourism and of the opposition despite the criticism exercised, as well, as he said, tourism should stay out of political wrangling.
In addition, he noted that he is in the final phase of preparation of a draft decision on the operation of enterprises of the economy of sharing (sharing economy), which will be discussed before being finalised with the operators of tourism.
Referring finally to the consultation draft Development Law, has made the provision for the conversion of olympic facilities of Tae Kwon Do to a conference center and new investments in the ski centre of Parnassos.