A billion. euros in Funds from the investigations on the lists of tax evasion

Light on the labyrinthine corridors of the “big” tax evasion is trying to fire the prosecutors, taking advantage of all the…
items that are available to them, as well as the sources of information.
Despite the meager means at their disposal because of deficiencies in infrastructure, but also qualified staff, the official data of the General Secretariat of Corruption show that the objectives are achieved and the funds has already gone up to almost 1 billion. euro, after investigations have been made on well-known lists of tax evasion.
However, the job of the prosecution meets a lot of obstacles as well as the codes in the lists it is difficult to identify with persons, and many banks refuse to cooperate with the Greek authorities.
A typical example are the Swiss banks which refuse to break confidentiality, with the result that they can’t complete the surveys. In the context of these investigations, the Greek tax authorities have made investigation at the residence of former executive management of the bank UBS in Greece.
According to a report in the Financial Times the investigation was held in Athens at the home of Christos Σκλαβούνη (head of investment of UBS in Greece), and the police confiscated computers, documents and compact discs. The research is based on the intersection of account numbers and dates of birth of persons included in the list that was in the possession of German and then of the Greek authorities and in files money transfer in the foreign with the Greek authorities.
The tax authorities have drawn up a list of 1,000 suspects for tax evasion, which is investigating thoroughly, while at the same time exploring the role of UBS and its bankers in cases of tax evasion in Greece.
Indicative of the magnitude of tax evasion in Greece is the statements of a former executive management of UBS. Mr Brad Μπίρκενφελντ in an interview with the “at realnews” attacked with ferocity in UBS, of which the Greek section was led, in the past, the Chr. He spent the bulk, blaming it for a series of acts of fraud, while it does not hesitate to blame and the U.S. department of Justice for corruption. On the contrary, it welcomes the efforts of the French officials as saying that “the French government did a lot more than the american, as well as approaching this issue with seriousness and not covering the for the benefit of the “possible” and πάμπλουτων”.
Regarding the Greek research-based information on bank accounts of the branch office of UBS in Geneva that are included in a CD which the German authorities bought in 2012 and then notified the content of the in Athens.
According to information the Greek authorities have critical data on persons through UBS have avoided taxes of many millions of euro and are in close cooperation with judicial Authorities in France and the USA.
However, according to the official figures presented by the head of the financial prosecutors and the prosecutor’s office of Corruption, Panagiotis Athanasios and Eleni Ράικου the proceeds from the assumptions that relate to the lists approaching 1 billion. euros have so far been received:
From the list Lagarde 810 million. euro, and the investigations are still in progress.
From the list of 65 cd that includes the 90% of the others stands lists 99 million. euro.
In progress are the procedures for the list of “Μπόγιαρνς” as well as have been formed as now, 1000 files. While they have progressed in 290 commitments of assets of suspected tax evasion, the money laundering, and of these, 190 were held in 2015 and the 100 since the beginning of time.

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