6000 packages of food to families of students from the “Mission” in Attica and Thessaloniki

    Cooperation agreement signed today, the Archbishop of canterbury with the Minister of Education…
    The continuation and strengthening of the programme of the MISSION for the feeding of thousands of children, under the name of “The Mission supports the students” agreed today by the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece mr. Jerome with the Minister of Education, Research and church affairs, mr Nicholas Friend.
    The Archbishop of Athens and all Greece mr. Ieronimos visited today the Minister of Education and signed with the renewal and extension of the cooperation agreement for the support of thousands of families of students who have been affected by the economic crisis and living on the poverty line.
    The specially designed program of DISPATCH, which began in 2013, aims to provide substantial relief to the families of the students who have feeding problems. Its purpose is to provide you with the proper way in order to ensure the anonymity of the students, the dignity and the non-disturbance of the relations which have developed in the school environment, but at the same time to achieve the solution of the problem at the source, as well as a malnourished student conceals the existence of a whole family that is undernourished.
    From 2013 until today have been enhanced with parcels of food 5.982 families of students listing 24.205 states. The total aid amounts to 83.425 packages of food in schools of Attica.
    The new agreement provides for the doubling of the distribution of food packets from 3000 to 6000 and will include schools of Thessaloniki.
    In the context of cooperation, the ΥΠΠΕΘ will select the appropriate school units of primary or secondary education that will form part of the followed actions. These schools may be located in the wider area of Attica and Thessaloniki.
    Responsible for the distribution of packages to the school units will be the MISSION, and then the respective school unit, a primary or secondary education will distribute the packages to the families of students living in poverty, regardless of religion, language, gender, nationality, legal or non-residence or any other diversification of the students and are included in the program.
    Food parcels will contain lentils, rice, pasta, sugar, flour, tomato πασάτα, κορνφκλέικς, milk and boxed orange juice, and going to be the same, in terms of their content (type of food and quantity), and each beneficiary family will receive a corresponding number of packages based on the number of states of the (3-member, 4μελής 5μελής, 6μελής, 7μελής, etc.k.).
    The supporting documents for the submission of the request of the family of the student for inclusion in the programme are: photocopy of id or passport (if it has one) guardian, the register number of the student, grade of student in the current academic year, marital status certificate, copy of tax declaration or tax statement or Solemn Declaration of law. 105 that does not submit a tax declaration (certified by the competent D.The.Y.), unemployment card from The.A.E.D, certificate of member of a large family, by a competent recognised body, a certificate of hardship, or any other appropriate and suitable document supporting document which proves the financial situation of the family, and to certify the reasons for inclusion in the program “The Mission supports the students”. All the submitted documents are deemed always with a view to guaranteeing the provision of assistance to those who really need it.
    After the signing of the Cooperation agreement the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece mr. Hieronymus has pointed out: “The Archdiocese and the “Mission” are to the Ministry of Education to strengthen their families through the Greek public schools. Today we have stated that in cooperation with the competent bodies επαυξάνουμε this effort, as well as the needs grow. We thank the ordinary people who have contributed in any way to the program and the Bank EUROBANK, which from the first moment supports us”.
    The Minister of Education and Religious affairs, mr Nicholas Friend thanked his Beatitude for the cooperation and the Church for social contribution.

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