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    (Title) Four orders for immediate improvements in transport and OSE, transparency and cut costs to local authorities and hospitals, open markets and jobs and strengthening the banking system contains, according to information among including the interim report of the International Monetary Fund in the hands of governments with the arrival of the troika on July 26.

    The report will form the basis for the final evaluation after the visit of the troika, which will bring the next 9 billion of loan funds by the Greek government in early September.
    The IMF will be in this report, as it was at the press conference of the Troika-soft to the Government and country . Will award credit for the course so far implementation of the Memorandum and will not want to upset stating forcefully in weaknesses or risks. It does, however, the recommendations and the cap fits, wear it. How to develop them is another story.

    The main points of our lenders, according to the same information as follows:

    1Zimiogones utilities particular CIU, and Volunteers and urban transport. For the first time the IMF referred directly to public transport, linking the problem with the OSE and has determined that the losses are comparable and are about to reach 1 billion and calls for action. Indeed, by the issue and had come to register their debts covered by the government guarantees, public debt, which multiplies the financial problems of the country. Large public utilities and public transport must be stopped to absorb the state budget funds and make them profitable, they note that people of the IMF, which anticipates the future and confirms the major restructuring scenarios. The truth is that there will be mergers will increase more or less the price of tickets and will go some way and private interest in them. The Government was talking about just the issue of privatization and control of tickets, an estimated 20% of passengers of public transport journeys made free of charge, to health … taxpayers.
    2Dapanes hospitals, pension funds and municipalities. The so-called government is a source of concern for the troika, which now focuses mainly on the supply of hospitals, and sees that the problem is still playing. Indeed, the Memorandum provides that each month from now on be released detailed data on their spending, which has not yet had time to make the General Accounting Office.

    3Anoigma closed trades and market liberalization. This is another point that has become a primary and urgent, while the Memorandum of deadlines arrive by 2011. The IMF believes that the government should expedite the proceedings and called for changes now in order to boost economic activity, to get fresh funds to market and stimulate growth through new investments. At the same time hoping that this will check and inflation, which attaches to a large extent on the oligopolistic structure of the Greek economy and an obstacle to business. So, after the owners truck series takes notaries, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers and accountants. The timing of government provides for the opening of these professions by the end of the year, while open and the energy market.
    4Trapezes. Note that it is necessary to continue efforts to strengthen capital adequacy and liquidity of banks, of course, without naming specific banks. The IMF is careful not to cause turbulence, but executives saw and know well what the performance of Greek banks, for this and make special reference to the need to support the system.

    Concern about inflation , development
    inflation and growth are two other major sources of concern for the IMF, which sends this time with the mission and a special development. Himself head Dominique Strauss-Kahn in favor of finding a way to accelerate the disbursement of funds from the ESPA for Greece from the Structural Funds, but it is doubtful that the EU bureaucracy will find a way to do it. Moreover, apart from the release, there is the problem of absorption, which the IMF also has to advise the government.
    General sense, but who wants to leave the IMF is that the government has made bold steps; especially in the Insurance, and should be rewarded and supported the action. After the Insurance and the Workplace, told his people, the country has won many points on reliability.

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