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4.322 violations 18 traffic crashes in July on the Continent

With the aim of continuous briefing and sensitization of citizens on road safety issues shall be made public…
aggregate-comparative data concerning traffic accidents and violations for July 2016, compared with the same period last year.
a. Road Traffic Accidents
The territorial jurisdiction of the Continent, there were 18 road accidents (compared with 16 in 2015).
In particular, there have been:
3 deadly traffic accidents (and 2015)
8 traffic accidents with serious injury to a person (as opposed to 2 in 2015)
7 road accidents with slight injury of a person (compared to 11 in 2015)
Of the road accidents that occurred in urban and rural areas of the county, there were a total of 27 victims (compared to 24 in 2015). In particular, there were:
5 dead (3 2015)
8 seriously injured (compared to 3 in 2015)
14 slightly injured (compared to 18 in 2015)
The main causes of road accidents – fatalities, as revealed by the police τροχονομική research, was:
excessive speed
violation of priority
irregular overtaking
drive into oncoming traffic
lack of attention while driving
other causes referred to in the guides
b. Actions Τροχονομικής policing
For the prevention of traffic accidents carried out systematic checks on the road network of the Continent, the effect of which is to ensure overall (4.322) violations, from which stand out the dangerous as it leads directly to a road accident and decisively affect the outcome.
Confirmed :
· 702 for excessive speed.
· 38 for driving under the influence of alcohol (intoxication).
· 44 for violation of a red light.
· 238 non-use of helmet while driving.
· 110 for non-use of safety belts while driving.
· 28 for movement in the oncoming traffic.
· 3 for a violation of a priority.
· 56 for use with a mobile phone while driving.
· 57 for irregular overtaking.
· 30 for improper maneuvers.
· 28 for worn tires.
It is also noted that the previous month recorded (97) offences relating to uninsured vehicles and (126) violations commercial vehicle.

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