20 June: International Refugee Day

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    (Title) «Motherland” is the theme of World Refugee Day which is celebrated on June 20 in recognition of the trials faced more than 40 million uprooted in the world. About 10 million are refugees within the mandate of UNHCR.
    “For World Refugee Day, we organize events around the world to bring to the fore the trials of these people and to emphasize, by their assistance they need, “noted the statement of the High Commissioner for Refugees UN.

    The Delegation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Athens has been operating since March 1952, 15 months after establishing a new body for refugees from the General Assembly.
    under Article 35 of the Geneva Convention of 1951 concerning the status of refugees, the UNHCR Representative in Athens to oversee the implementation of national procedure for determining refugee status. It is a voting member of the Appeals Committee (Advisory Committee which deals with appeals against negative decisions on asylum applications).
    Also conduct educational seminars for port and police authorities and other stakeholders (eg lawyers and judges) involved in the reception of asylum seekers and the procedure for determining refugee status. In this context, UNHCR’s Representative in Greece, working closely with NGOs to refugees.

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