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ΣΥΓΚΛΟΝΙΖΟΥΝ the revelations in the Trial of Annie – Creepy dialogues

With the deposit of the grandfather of Annie, continued the trial for the wrongful death of…
with the father of Δημητρίνα Μπορίσοβα to support that the two men, namely the Sava and Nikolai, are the killers.
“Annie was a good and polite kid, very smart. It’s ripping my heart for her. The defendants are the ones that have done it. They killed the child and the die cut. The child is gone… ” said by filing a parallel civil claim against the accused.
Grandfather of Annie, he argued that his daughter worked as a prostitute to support her husband and defendant.
President: you Have heard of if he (p.p. Savvas) and his mother was opposed to the birth of the child?
Witness: I Had heard that initially they didn’t want the child. My daughter loved it, wanted it . Initially the relations between them were good.
President: What are the relations of the father with Annie?
Witness: he loved the child.
Chairman: Others have said the interrogator. That Sava didn’t love the child…
Witness: he Had good and bad moments. My daughter loved the kid, she bought him toys, clothes. We raise the child in Bulgaria.
The witness, as his wife claimed that they learned the fate of the granddaughter from the tv… while they were not aware that their daughter had gone to Germany and had left her child in today’s defendant. As the witness spoke only once with the kid since he came to Greece, because Sava had told them not to communicate to them forgot, why was she crying for them and all he was looking for.
Speaking of Annie, her grandfather claimed that he was a very polite kid and how he loved his mother and father.
The trial was suspended to resume on 14 September.

SHOCKING father of Annie – “I Accept that the ΤΕΜΑΧΙΣΑ but I don’t…”

“The father of the killed, cut up and cooked,” he testified in court that the grandmother of the unfortunate 4χρονης…
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