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Μπούρλος: Exorbitant increases in contributions to the professions

Excessive featured Dimitris Μπούρλος, a member of the Committee for the Insurance, the increases in the insurance contributions of…
members of the liberal professions and the self-employed in the proposal Κατρούγκαλου.
Speaking on the show “MEGA Weekend” mr. Μπούρλος explained that the purpose of the commission, the establishment of which was agreed at the meeting of the prime minister with the employers ‘ organizations, “is to correct some things in the proposal of the government, in the logic of this proposal and within the framework of the proposal”.
“There’s a field and in the field of the enormous increase of the insurance contributions for the self-employed and self-employed persons, where the increases are exorbitant,” he said.
Mr. Μπούρλος pointed out that, in some cases, the increase of insurance contributions, e.x. to a lawyer, is more than five times. In particular, as explained, a lawyer who declares an income of 70,000 and over, until it now pays annually eur 4,500, while the new proposal the amount that will reach approximately 27.000 euro.
He noted, however, that there are categories in which the contributions are reduced. This is for professionals who declare incomes lower than 10,000 euros.
With regard to the recalculation of pension after 2018 mr. Μπούρλος estimated that this is “very, very difficult if not impossible” technical, as in many cases there will be no data.
Similar was the assessment and of the president of the employees of the IKA, C. Kuwait, on the same show for the recalculation. “A great absurdity is that there are people that will go out with the previous provisions, and will go next to the επανυπολογίσουμ””, he noted and added that there is no evidence in the field of insurance-specific data on earnings.
He estimated that “can’t avoid reductions in pensions”, while he stressed that “if the government has the perception that with the increase of contributions will balance the system … it will fail”.
“This is a sentence with unexpected provisions, unintended consequences and unexpected results in the end”, he stressed.