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Μπαλαουριες reasonable darkness …

George Noutsou
… the Dry screenwriter, the National theatre producer and the Mpalaoyras υμνητής in the absolute darkness…
That’s kind of what my humble mind understands the tragicomedy of on Exarchia “rebels”, who ζήλωσαν “glories” of the past, and are attempting, in collaboration excellent to send all of us to the madhouse of the vast, sick, and highly dangerous for a visa for the republic, the institutions and the recipes of the reduction of the…
Some people don’t have their God. As long as it served the conscious ideological objectives with which “ανδρώθηκαν”, ζυμώθηκε their soul, and then faithfully have served them on the sidewalk, the urban guerrilla warfare, in the blood-spattered “riots”, to provide political and ideological cover, to the perversion of an overriding and undeniable reality, perfectly clearly, in the orderly δικαιικο our system – part of the organization of a free and democratic society – has the fundamental discretion to featuring the murder murder and the perpetrators of killers!
Not accidentally, the discordant chord of all of the above, in their effort to muddy the picture, “they” criminals, to εξιδανικεύσουν options, vulgar was in victims and perpetrators, to break the logic, to create the social ball rolling and to a change in the distance separating the truth from the fiction, the myth from the reality, the logic of the bloody pervert..!
And we sit and we listen ! To ασχημονούν not in the cafes, but in the temple of the Republic, the Parliament of pitch, developing our unprecedented theories and knitting wreaths holiness, for someone who killed a dozen innocent people, our fellow citizens, so to subvert that with which they disagree !!! The supplier of the cover in a crime, it is obvious that he is himself a criminal..! Even when it comes to a posteriori justify the physical perpetrators for the atrocious murders committed by depriving lives, destroying families, disrupting indestructible for thousands of years, authorities, and questioning the existence of the State that characterizes them citizens and allow them inside to the butchering!
The Μπαλαουρας, it’s just a string, in the set of ξεκούρδιστων institutions of the Συριζεικης orchestra ! Very few, maybe none of the rest shall not be less than as a minimum of its own “principles”…! Current rabbit the Μπαλαουρας, yesterday mrs. Tassia, προχθεσινός the piece of work of a Friend and so on…! It is one of the few times that a “tragedy” like the one I described, interlaced so perfectly and excellent with the “comedy” that carries through, that if it wasn’t for things so serious and dangerous, we could just as well today speak of a modern Greek tragicomedy, which has never been in the past, and never of a kind is going to be in the future…!
However, in marginal situations, marginal, we need to react…! With the first subordinate obligation of all of us, the utmost need for self-preservation of personal and National…! We owe it directly to them εξωπετάξουμε, before you lose even this last opportunity that we still have…!
Overthrow now…………..!