Zoe Konstantopoulou: New episode – He came in with “so I want” in the Tempe exam.

A new episode starring the President of the Parliament Freedom Free Sea as he caused involvement in the House’s final session on Tempes. The President of the Port of Freedom Zoe Konstantopoulou entered and took a seat in the hall that the Commission would meet even though she had been ruled out due to an irreconcilable and had been replaced by her parliamentary group member Eleni Karageopoulou. The Bureau asked Zoe Constantopoulos to leave, but she refused. The chairman of the exam, Dimitris Markopoulos interrupted and informed House Speaker Constantinos Tasoula who allegedly reported that Mrs. Constantopoulou may be present in the Chamber, but is not entitled to a speech and vote. The Commission began its work after the interruption with the president of the Freedom Free Sea denouncing the majority. She in a letter to the Speaker of the House just said: “In the aftermath of my letter of 11/12/2023, I know that at today’s meeting of the Committee of Inquiry into the Crime of the Tempes, I will be present and participate normally in the proceedings of the Commission, as a regular member of the Commission, which I have never been validly excluded, since in the decision to exclude me, apart from others, two persons participated, Mr. A.Pleuris and Mr. In any case and in any event of your own rebuttal as to the validity of the exemption decision, I know that at today’s sitting, I will legally make up for Mrs Elena Karageorgopoulou, while finally, in the event that you refuse, illegally and irregularly, my presence either as a member or as an alternate, I know that I am going to attend the meeting of the Committee of Inquiry in order to apply for the exemption of President Demetrius Markopoulos and the other members of the Bureau of the Committee of Inquiry, because of their manifest bias, which constitutes an act of custody of persons for the crime of the Tempes. Incorporating it from 11/12/2023 My letter to you: Mr President, In response to your letter of 6/12/2023, asking for the appointment of another Member of the Parliamentary Group of the Free Sea at the Committee of Inquiry into Temple Crime, citing a decision of the Committee of Inquiry on my exception, I know the following: The decision to exclude me, which you claim, is invalid and unfounded, since, in addition to being completely unfounded law and substance and manifestly unfounded, it was adopted by a Commission which does not have the authority to decide the exception of its member and by a procedure which is neither provided for anywhere nor produces legal effects. As we know, according to the Rules of Procedure of the House, the representation of parliamentary groups in the Standing Committees is defined by the Parliamentary Groups themselves by their Presidents and cannot be dictated by other parliamentary groups, nor, of course, by the majority it has or by the President of the House. In any event, and given that your letter announces to me that the Commission has decided to exclude me and that you call me but to appoint another member of the Parliamentary Group on Freedom of the Sea as a member of the Committee of Inquiry into the Crime of the Temples, I invite you to acknowledge me on the basis of which article in the Rules of Procedure of the House you claim that my exception has been decided and on the basis of which article of the Rules of Procedure of the House you invite me to appoint another member of our Parliamentary Group to the Commission, essentially interfering with the composition of the Committee of Inquiry and the right of the Parliamentary Group to appoint its own representation The decision which you claim was taken without right, without legal procedure and with the participation of persons who have a clear conflict of interests, such as the Member and former Minister of Health of Thanthe House, who acted as a representative of the government majority, while, as they denounce the victims, is involved in actions connected with the crime. A large part of the majority was also formed by Members of the Commission, but also by Members with expressed denial of the Commission’s purpose and object, such as its President, Mr Markopoulos, who characterizes the Crime of the Temples as “accident” and “destruction”. I would ask you to inform me on the basis of what Rule of the Rules of Procedure Members of a Standing Committee are allowed to decide on the exception of a Member of the Commission from another parliamentary group. At the meeting that you are citing were committed by the Government Majority by heavy parliamentary misconduct that constitute and unfair acts, including extreme behaviors, bullying and insults towards my face by the appointed President of the Commission, Mr Markopoulos, who publicly repudiated persistent insults and slanders, closed my microphone so that I would not be heard and came to the point of calling me “a laughing stock” because I distributed to the Members of the Commission the Outlaw of the Families of the victims to you and my applications to the Scientific Council of the House. For this matter and for the overall extreme and sexist behaviour of the Members of the New Republic and the above President of the Commission I also addressed you to the Conference of Presidents of 7/12/2023, when women representatives of other Opposition parties argued that these behaviours are unacceptable and unacceptable. Unfortunately, not only do you not condemn them, but you adopt them and reproduce them, which you also did at the Conference of Presidents, with constant irony and demeaning behaviour that is inconsistent with either your position or your role. Also for two weeks I have denounced you and I have asked you for explanations about the fact that the offices of the Freedom Freedom Free in the House are opened without knowledge, without consent and without our information, while on 27/11/2023 unknown persons were found to have entered the office where the Tempes crime case was kept. I consider this to be directly linked to the procedure for setting up a pre-interrogation committee, which had been preceded on Friday 24/11/23 and to the mobilisation of an exception procedure the next day 28/11/2023 by Mr.Plearis, in consultation with you. To date you have not given me any formal and concrete answer and explanation of who and why they entered our offices without our knowledge and information, while at the Conference of Presidents you have attempted to make the matter clear. Please give me your official answer, as you owe as Speaker of the House. In anticipation of your replies due and without prejudice to all my rights and the rights of the Parliamentary Group of the Freedom Free Party, I am aware that at the next meetings of the Committee of Inquiry into the Crime of the Temples, I will be replaced, as a member of the Committee of Inquiry, by the Member of the Freedom of the Sea Mrs Elena Karageorgopoulou, Member of the First Eastern Attica. Athens, 11/12/2023 Honorably, Zoe N. Constantopoulou Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Free Sea” I would point out that your involvement in preventing Members from being aware of the transmission of criminal proceedings, but also your exercise of power over investigative material is not foreseen and is an unacceptable interference in the work of the Committee of Inquiry. Athens, 11/03/2024 Honorably, Zoe N. Constantopoulou Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Free Sea”

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