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(Title) The package of economic reforms, which will be adopted next Wednesday, will help create new jobs and enhance confidence in needy economy, today said the Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero.
The bill which was presented Friday at the businessmen and unions, but the government managed to secure the consent of the opposition “will facilitate job creation, job stability and medium to inspire confidence the Spanish economy, “he told a news conference, the Spanish prime minister.

The bill provides for the maintenance of employment rights of employees, while will provide flexibility for businesses to adapt to difficult conditions.
Economists estimate that the reform of hard labor law in Spain is a crucial step for the recovery of productivity and the stagnation of the economy, which passed a tough time after the collapse of the bubble in the construction sector.
Unlike labor unions, the Spanish press today expressed its support the package presented by Zapatero. Both the center-right El Moundon, and the center-left El Pais stressed the importance of implementing the reforms.

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“The Politics of Canada’s Floating Exchange Rate”, Eric Helleiner
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