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Los desafíos de la sustentabilidad – CMO, UASLP, México, 2007 Politics
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(Title) Lasting blood shortage facing our country, leading to import from abroad (and) after the spread of voluntary donations contrary to the effects of the policy surrender Health to “nail” the monopolies. Thus, the blood banks face huge shortages, often placed obstacles even in the voluntary donation or intolerable situations created by the transfer.

Yesterday worker Hospital “Aghia Sophia” went to Airport to send four bottles of blood from the hospital in Mytilene, had to pay 61.66 euros. From the moment the Olympic Airlines were bought from the MIG of A. Vgenopoulos had established that the price for receiving and sending blood to and from the islands would be 12.77 euros. But yesterday, the company decided to charge multiple fares for transporting blood. The answer given by the official agent of OA in the “Holy Wisdom”, who asked why I should pay more, it was a change in the pricing of the company! This is another painful consequence of privatization and the lack of a single free only public Catholic Health System – Welfare, to which the blood will be treated as a commodity is not a commodity.

Stocks our country in blood is estimated at around 600,000 units annually, but not enough, so be postponed surgery and “half” transfusions in patients with thalassemia or recruited relatives of patients to give blood it needs. And this is where the country’s needs could be met if the 3-4% of the population or the 10-20% of those who are able, give blood regularly.

So in 2001 the transfer of blood Blood donation centers were free with the “Olympic”. From 2001 it is now established will pay for transporting the blood to the “Olympic” to recover! Expensive fares apply even in the transfer of blood from voluntary donations. Typical was the case of Santorini, in 1992, each May and November is a voluntary donation and collected about 1,200 blood units are transported to the “Holy Wisdom” and “Red Cross”. In 2004, volunteers were asked to pay for the transfer of blood as if it were any common good. The same scenario repeated in 2005.

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