YOU’d be SURPRISED: See what the Koran says about the Greeks – that’s Why we haven’t been “hit” yet?

“The Greeks…
[always] I’ll… win. It is the will of Allah” [Surah XXX, 1-5] (of Course, with the most powerful weapon in the world: culture! The cannons are rusting away. The culture, however, is perpetuated.)
Few know that the sacred word “qur’an” is ελληνικότατη and homeric*. It comes from the sacred Greek verb “κορέω”, which means seed -the Word of God!- and, by extension, “scanning”. The verb “κορέω” expresses the sacred act of creation: when our father “εκόρευσε”, that sowed the seed of the daughter-mother us and molded us!
Today the verb is known as: “by-κορεύω”, from the daughter: by-κορεύωThe “qur’an” has 114 “Chapters” (the corresponding “Arabic” word “Surah” is Greek, from the “Series”).
But the word “Allah” is from the Greek “άλιος”, which is the proto-Greek word for sun: The first first God of the proto-Greek Pelasgus was, not Jupiter, not Saturn, but the Sun! Who gives light and life to the People: άλιος**sun**Greece (=the Light)**Hellas**(H=H) Allah…
And the name “Muhammad” is a loan from Greek “μεγάθυμος” = being rich world of the soul.
Professor, Panteion University Stavros Θεοφανίδης
(Excerpts from the Book “The English language Is a Greek Dialect” (English is a Hellenic Dialect)