You have mole on face? You know what it means for you?

See the photo and after take a look at the answers…
1. Sign the “third eye” means that the holder is gifted with great intuition and logical thinking, with a predisposition for arcane pursuits.
2. This indicates a passionate, jealous person.
3. Sign in this place speaks of the poetic nature, the tendency for spiritual occupations.
4. This shows that the holder can be delivered fully in love…
eternal, have generously the mood of love and affection.
5. The owner of this has a sharp character, which leads to confusion and short-lived situation.
6. This shows the kind of person who loves travel, imagination, and creativity.
7. This shows a jealous god, who wishes unconditional submission.
8. A person with this sign – he has a sensitive character.
In married life, looking for more and more new sensations and experiences.
9. This indicates the presence of psychological voltage of guilt based on some specific arguments.
10. The owner has an excellent memory.
11. A sign that indicates the presence of psychological instability, it pulls all the forbidden, which often leads to a more complicated love relationships.
12. The man given to passion, which leads to complicated relationships.
13 you Have this sign, you are prone to frequent quarrels even in small things. But then comes a quick reconciliation, because you can’t live without the physical intimacy that pushes you to settle.
14. A sign at this point looks very beautiful and mystical turn of mind, the feeling of universal love and a special destiny.
15. This shows the kind of person who loves independence and can do whatever he wants.
16. The owner of this wants to put them all to his family.
17. This means temptress more, shocking and scandalous behavior. These people love the variety.
18. Sensitivity towards all. Imagination and originality.
19. Tendency to jealousy, lust, and true love.
20. Difficult, prone to depression.
21. Variability of both the intellectual and the emotional life. And, of course, complicated relationships.
22. Emphasis on eroticism, sexuality and infidelity.
23. A pure mind. The desire to increase both the spiritual and material goods.
24. Fragile soul and health.
25. The desire to acquire a traditional, strong family. In the society of a sweet and balanced person. Love for a quiet life and a tendency for conservative views.