Yolanda Balaura: I’ve knocked on doors, they’re not afraid to send my resume.

‘ On the occasion of her television return, Yolanda Balaura met Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Jenny Melita on Friday morning morning morning (08.03.2024) on the screen of the show “Morning in sight” of ERT and explained the reasons why she decided to deal with acting. “I love my work very much. I think if I wasn’t an actor, I’d be crazy! I mean, I can’t imagine doing anything but that. I have never done any other work” confessed, initially, the well-known actress. “From very young, don’t say from elementary school, I wanted this. I don’t know what was taking me. Of course I’ve knocked on a lot of doors and I’m one of those people who’s not ashamed to send a résumé and call. First of all, asking to be on a job, I say it for young children, is neither a shame nor a bad thing.” “I’m very lucky in my life because I have two – three people, always this, loving me and loving them, trusting me and trusting them who I always ask and strengthen me,” Yolanda Balaura also stressed in her new TV interview at ERT.

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