Yemen: Two dead and 6 injured by the Huthi missile strike on the Greek-owned ship “True Confidence”

At least two sailors were killed by the rebel attack Huthi of Yemen in the “True Confidence”, in the Gulf of Aden, as reported by his crew and confirmed by an American official. According to Reuters, it is a Greek-owned cargo ship. The two “True Confidernce” sailors are the first victims since the Huthi started their attacks on ships off Yemen last November in solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza. Six other sailors were injured. The crew left the ship, according to the American official. A total of 23 people, 20 sailors and three armed guards were aboard. 15 of them came from the Philippines, four from Vietnam, two from Sri Lanka, one from India and one from Nepal. Shortly before the Huthi took responsibility, saying they hit True Confidence with missiles, resulting in a fire. “The operation was after the crew ignored the warning messages from Yemen’s naval forces,” said Huthi spokesman, Yahia Sarea, in a speech on television.

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