Xerouchakis (CHS): No historical precedent for placement Piraeus

The management and executives of the Bank welcomed today (11,32024) the Athens Stock Exchange, in the context of the successful completion of disposal through Offer, the total shares of Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A. that held the (TCS). Christos Megalos, CEO of Piraeus Financial Holdings S.A., declared the opening of the meeting by ringing the traditional bell. The CEO of the TCS Mr. Ilias Xerouchakis mentioned a historic day for Piraeus, for the banking industry and for the country in general. He talked about a miracle. The bank’s transition from the situation in 2018 to a competitive bank, sufficiently capitalised, investment attractive. “Last week’s transaction has no precedent no matter how far back we go. Secondary sale of this share capital amount, with such a great excess of such quality investors and with an overestimation has no historical precedent,” he said. The CEO of Piraeus Bank Mr.Ch. Megalos pointed out that it is an important day for Piraeus and for the Greek stock exchange as well as for the Greek economy. Piraeus Bank looks at the future with optimism with vision and strategy so that it can be the best bank in Greece that will star in the future and in Europe and support the Greek economy and Greek society. The President of Piraeus Bank Board Mr. G. Hatzinikolaou stressed that today is not just a change of page for Piraeus Bank, but a change of book. It is an important day for the bank, A.A., the Greek economy and the image of the country in general. The President of the Athens Stock Exchange Mr. Giannos Kontopoulos stressed: “The excellent response of the international and Greek investment public to Piraeus’s public offering is another confirmation of the dynamics that the Greek economy has developed and highlights the trust and prospects for the development of Greek banks. The result once again justifies the strategy and work carried out by the EFSI in recent years, contributing decisively to the support and development of banks, but also to the emergence of the prospects of the banking system. The quality and range of investors involved in the public tender prove that Greece becomes a member of the global markets. And one of recent positive developments confirms that we are again an equal member of the global investment community. Piraeus’ public offer and the recent introduction of AIA prove that the Greek stock exchange is a modern and developed market and contribute to the development of the Greek economy.” Finally, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Mr. V. Lazarakos, pointed out that today is a day’s stop for the economy, banking system and the Stock Exchange. The success of the transaction proves the stable positive progress of the Greek economy and the recovery of confidence in the Greek capital market with the Capital Market Commission contributing to the globalization of the Greek market. SOURCE: RES-BE

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