Xanthi: 39-year-old Lieutenant collapsed and died after CT scan

Shock to the armed forces from the sudden death yesterday (08.03.2024) of a 39-year-old who served in his rank . According to the first information of kranosgr.com, the unfortunate lieutenant who served at the 4th S.S. in Xanthi reportedly collapsed after the completion of a CT scan, resulting in his death, possibly from a heart attack. Light to the exact cause of his death is expected to be fired by the forensic examination. The day before yesterday in Volos, 48-year-old SXA Lieutenant, he lost consciousness while at his home in Alykes, in front of the eyes of his family. Immediately an EMCDDA ambulance was called where he moved him to Volos Hospital, where despite doctors’ efforts to bring him back this was not possible.