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Minneapolis ICOR Picnic at Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis Politics
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(Title) Special control group taxpayers with large incomes recommended by the Financial Crime to identify outbreaks of widespread fraud. The plan has been prepared in accordance with the instructions and directives of the International Monetary Fund that the … lost in front of a huge undeclared wealth in our country. So it was decided to set up a special group for older income taxpayers, to determine who are the ones who have acquired vast fortunes are justified by legitimate activity, Tess and what not.
Also ongoing tests to professional groups such as doctors, notaries, the owners of offshore companies, nightclubs, properties with pools that are not declared to the tax office, yachts, etc. Indeed, in tests carried out by notaries SDOE found that 6 out of 10 showed discrepancies in the reported earnings over 100,000 euros.

Yesterday, Finance Minister Mr. George Papaconstantinou visited the headquarters of the Financial Crime and stated, inter alia, to the auditors that “the heart of the state is the revenue system and must to do it again the Greek citizens to trust the state in relation to taxation, it can be said to have been to him a kratosto which allocates the burden fairly and mercilessly hunting those sexy and downright evasion. No longer can a Greek citizen to accept that there are people who live in a certain way around our state income mentioning another way of life. They can not accept that there are certain categories of occupations with such provocative dimension between how they live and what state. Additionally, the Finance Minister sought to preserve the prestige of the department to which they serve.
From the data gathered by the Head of Financial Crime Kapeleris Mr. I., the last five months there were 6000 complaints SDOE when last all year there were 4000 complaints, while in five months from January to May 2010 Confirmed fines 1.2 billion when the corresponding period last year was around 600 million.
In SDOE created special sections for control of the named evasion using data and information collected by agencies such as notaries, banks, stock exchange, brokers, tax authorities in other countries, etc. and introduced a targeted inspection criteria risk factors and use crosses all available information in the public economic interest.

The Daily checks are carried out in any kind of trade for the determination of the tax legislation. At the same time SDOE make random checks on a daily basis in various companies to control traffic at toll stations and random checks on businesses operating in tourist areas.
The public complaints (anonymous and named) to reach the service through four-digit number 1517, or by any means, after evaluating, operated either autonomously or in the operational projects implemented already (eg doctors). The five months from January to May 2010 have reached approximately SDOE 6.000
public complaints over 4098 complaints were made throughout the 2009.

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Minneapolis ICOR Picnic at Theodore Wirth Park, Minneapolis Politics
Image by Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

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