World Women’s Day: The rare women of Finos Film in a unique video

The jokes, the dynamics, the fate, the independent. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day she created a video with all the women’s characters that have kept us company for years through her unique Greek island of Finos. Finos Film with a Facebook post wished women happy by writing features: “Every woman and a story. Every role, every thought and a touch on the canvas of their lives. Happy birthday to all women! ‘ “We see scenes from the movies “My Woman Maddened”, “A Girl for Two”, “Tears for Electra”, “Eemotion”, “Immortal Desires”, “The Clochoskoufi”, “Mandalena”, “Lola”, “Laterna, Poverty and Carnation”, “Those Who Should Not Love”, “Death Will Come Again”, “Our Lady the Mamis”, “A Life We Have”, “Stephania”, “The Beauty of Athens”, “The Cardplayer” and “The Liar” complements the post.