Working attitude of the teachers next Friday

In a working posture oriented teachers… next Friday to requests for permanent appointments and the abolition of the assessment.
Specifically, the notice states:
“On Friday, 8 April 2016, the political leadership of the Ministry of Education published the proposal for a temporary system of recruitment of deputy teachers.
Once again, the πολυθρύλητοι of 20,000 appointments were pushed back indefinitely, then the evaluation of the institutions.
Once again, the proposals of the Ministry of Education is temporary and superficial, with the result that they create far more problems than it supposedly solves.
The Executive board of the A. D.E.D.Y., it supports the D.The.E. and The.L.M.E. that explicitly reject the proposal of the Ministry of Education after:
· Does not respond to the urgent need to make all of the appointments of permanent teachers who need the training.
· Adopts as a basis the system of recruitment to the New.3848/10, of which the abolition ascend to the educational movement which had been committed by the present Government, when he was in opposition, that it will carry out.
· It has a fragmented character, perpetuates the fragmentation of education and maintains the conflicts of objectives that have created the tragic manipulations of the memorandum Governments in the matter of appointments.
The Executive board of the A. D.E.D.Y., urges teachers on a massive and dynamic participation in the protest rally at the Ministry of Education Friday, 15 April 2016, 11:30am with requests:
· Massive and permanent appointments in education, in order to cover all the gaps
· Abolition of law.3848/10
To facilitate the participation of teachers in Primary and Secondary Education, the Executive board of the A. D.E.D.Y. declares a 3-hour stop work from 11:00am to 14:00pm.
By the Executive Committee.D.E.D.Y.”.