Workers attention! Fry cook-robot cooks 360 burgers an hour

Workers in chains of fast-food restaurants are faced with a range of…
unemployment: us company launches a robot that makes a burger every ten seconds -and gives new meaning to the term “fast food”.
When you take the customer’s order, the Burger Bot of Momentum Machines makes on the spot minced meat, cutting tomatoes, and pickles in slices, bake the burgers, assemble the sandwich and delivers it ready in a bag. In its current form, the robot occupies a surface of 2,3 square meters. The company promises that the next version of the machine will be able to prepare different mixtures of minced meat, such as “one-third pork and two thirds meat of bison as soon as you give the order”.
The Greek origin of Alexander Βαρδακώστας, co-founder of Momentum Machines, does not mince words about the prospects of a robotic burger flipper. The machine “is not intended to make employees more efficient. It is intended to wipe them out completely” he had previously expressed himself in Xconomy.