Work on road safety in excess of 100 ec. euro launching on the island of Crete, the Region of

The first projects on road safety that will take place in the… provincial road network of the island and in the BOAK that their budget will surpass the 2016 100 ec. euro will start very soon, on the basis of the comprehensive study prepared by the “EGNATIA S.E ‘ on behalf of the Region. This was stated today by the Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis, who pointed out that next week I will have a meeting in the Ministry responsible for the construction of the SCHEME with a clause for the availability of toll-free, which is a proposal of the Region of Crete. Also, the Regional director pointed out that if the Ministry did not take over the funding of the study for the construction-upgrade BOAK then the cost will be undertaken by the Region of Crete it is not in the competence of the.
“Very soon you will join the first projects road safety throughout the island of Crete in the provincial road network with the integrated studies of the “EGNATIA” and the BOAK. These interventions will relate to bituminous, horizontal-vertical marking, cleaning and marking. Our estimate is that in 2016 the projects that will be auctioned will exceed 100 ec. euro in the field of road safety. The preparation that have made our services is very important as well as the studies that we have commissioned in the previous period,” said the Governor of Crete.
At The same time, Stavros Arnaoutakis pointed out for BOAK: “we Continue our efforts to the great work of Crete, which is the BOAK. We will have a meeting next week with the competent Ministry. The suggestion is the only realistic, i.e. a construction with a clause for the availability of toll-free. This project may proceed as long as to complete the strategic planning for the study which have been announced by the Ministry. We ask to begin the study within February, and be given the resources, in a different case if the Ministry is a negative cost to the Region without it being in our jurisdiction. We can’t, from 2008 we hear that it will be done this study to know the height of the budget of the SCHEME and to find excuses by their respective Ministers. We will claim this task, there is a positive evolution so far, what interests us is to do the work”.
400.000 euros by the Region of Crete for the road safety in the municipality of Gortyna
Enhanced the road safety of the road network and the municipality of Gortys, as well as today, the regional Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis, signed a contract of eur 400 000 for technical projects-operations-maintenance. The financing of the project was ensured by the Region of Crete from the Public Investment Programme, and planned operations will be made by the company “BROS ΠΑΠΟΥΤΣΑΚΗ COLLABORATION”.
The regional Governor of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis in his statements he pointed out: “another important contract for the upgrading of the municipal network of the municipality of Gortyn, with a budget of 400,000 euros. We continue the interventions in the whole of Crete for the upgrade of the road network the provincial road network but also in the BOAK”.
On his part, the Mayor of Gortyn Nikos Σχοιναράκης by thanking the regional director stated that “this project is important and will improve the road network of the municipality and therefore the road safety for residents and visitors”.
The project includes asphalt – τσιμεντοστρώσεις municipal roads within the limits of the settlements of the Municipality of Gortyna. In today’s signature of the convention in the Region attended also the Director of the Directorate of Technical Projects of IP Heraklion Manolis Φακουκάκης, and a representative of the construction company.