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(Title) The slow progress of revenue, the heavy burden local authorities and utilities, shortfalls in pension funds and reforms such as opening the professions, are at the forefront of discussions the government and troika.
On Monday, the auditors of the troika met with Finance Minister Giorgos Papakonstantinou met for details on the report, sign the two sides.
The report will determine the second installment of the nine billion, which is not concerned ministry.
The details discussed by the two sides will be announced in the coming days to press, but according to what has become known, a source of concern is the trend of earnings, as growth was below 50% of the target.
Finance Minister, however, reassured the auditors, saying that the picture will improve in the second half, and force the increased rates of VAT will be collected and RTDI in 2009.

In addition, a source of concern is the financial situation of utilities, insurance funds, hospitals and local authorities.
recalled that in our country many heavily indebted municipalities facing budget impasse.
In the meantime, while the Troika press for reduced costs in many cases there is no data on economic aggregates.
In an effort to increase transparency, Mr Papaconstantinou ordered an 10 audits in TEI, hospitals and public enterprises including the City of Thessaloniki.

In addition, another important issue for the Troika is to accelerate reforms.
Already there are pressures for opening the energy market. Even became a proposal to sell 40% of lignitoparagogis individuals, which reacted strongly the union of PPC.
This proposal and discuss this with the government.
Expected, however, open the debate on the establishment of a uniform salary to the government, which according to the memorandum should be linked to productivity and positions of responsibility to what this means for the removal allowances.
In September and will start writing polynomoschediou opening all closed professions from taxi drivers and bus drivers to engineers, lawyers and notaries, which is expected to bring responses.

Finally, the services of the Ministry of Finance will begin formulating the preliminary draft budget for 2011, should be ready by late October, when the inspectors return.
According to the memorandum, it will include additional taxes 4.9 billion and 1.7 billion in spending cuts . euro.

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