With 2% the computer market will run in 2024

According to the Association of Information and Communication Enterprises of Greece (SEP), a positive mark of 2% is seen by analysts in 2024. According to IDC estimates, computer sales will reach 265.4 million units this year, as the advent of artificial intelligence and the start of a new device replacement cycle is expected to feed demand on the global market. As the global economy approaches recovery, the computer market will return to stabilisation: while in 2023 manufacturers focused on clearing stock, IDC expects 2024 to be a year of sales expansion by introducing artificial intelligence computers. Artificial intelligence will lead – according to analysts – the market to 292.2 million units in 2028, translated into an average annual complex growth rate (CAGR) 2.4% in 2024-2028. Development is expected to accelerate slowly within the year along with the availability of artificial intelligence computers, which will coincide with the start of a new commercial renewal cycle. “computer users for professional use are at the threshold of a cycle of renewal of their devices, which will begin within 2024 and reach its peak in 2025,” IDC says in “Worliwide Mobile and Consumer Device Trackers”. ‘Many of these buyers are expected to be among the first in terms of adoption of AI PC. The presence of AI capabilities on the device is not likely to lead to an increase in the installed computer base, but will certainly lead to an increase in the average selling price” company analysts add. The market is reheated Although commercial computers will represent the majority of sales, consumer markets are also expected to return to normality although at a slower rate. Many factors will be combined to support consumer computer development in the coming years. “Economic recovery will help to relax consumer budgets. At the same time, many computers, purchased in the early days of the pandemic, should be replaced, while manufacturers should expect much from the next day of artificial intelligence” IDC comments on its report. Computers with artificial intelligence Beginning in 2024 the computer market with possibilities for productive artificial intelligence (Generative AI) would begin to gain critical mass. For example, Gardner estimates that 1 out of 5 (22%) computers, sold this year on the world market, will be GenAI. The IDC, for its part, predicts that artificial intelligence computers will account for almost 60% of all PCs missions by 2027. In absolute figures, the company places the bar of sales of GenAI computers at nearly 50 million units in 2024, while for 2027 the corresponding provision is for more than 167 million units.