WILLIAM REES-MOGG: Saturday¿s children are on the march

WILLIAM REES-MOGG: Saturday¿s children are on the march
Parents are entitled to a glow of pride at the successes of their children. Last week was a particularly good one for our son Jacob and therefore for us.
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Temple & statues from the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum
Greece Political Parties
Image by Chris Devers

This video consists of the news coverage in Greece relating to the protests by Greek racists over the hosting of the 1st Congress of the Rainbow Party in Greece in 2004. Rainbow (Vinozhito, or Виножито) has been recognised by the Supreme Court of Greece as the political party of the ethnic Macedonian minority in Greece after years of legal battles both within Greece and the EU. Members of this party hosted their first Congress in Salonica (also known as Solun or Thessaloniki). The first congress of this hitherto illegal political party was not greeted with much enthusiasm in the Cradle of Democracy. A mob of Greek racists stormed the congress venue hoping to assail the attendees of the Rainbow congress and treat them to some mob “justice”. The Greek Government had already received a directive from the EU to provide protection to the Rainbow Party when it organises its first congress. In the following video we see hundreds of police officers standing outside the congress venue of the Rainbow Party. The riot police are holding back and clashing with crazy protestors throwing tantrums – and objects with their grasp. The video is in Greek. No subtitles are provided, and they are probably unnecessary. The fury from the crowd explains why it is not safe to declare yourself as a Macedonian in Greece.