Wild wood between Rangers and Atalanta fans in downtown Lisbon

Body-to-body battles between the Atalanda and Rangers in history, the two teams are not fighting any European battle! According to what is seen and also reported in posting a well-known fan account on Twitter, there were serious episodes Wednesday night (06.03.2024) in downtown Lisbon when Atalanda fans attacked those of Rangers at the hotel they lived in the city. The video posted shows several “hard” images, with hand-to-hand fighting. To mention that the two teams do not fight in Lisbon. On Wednesday night Atalanta played in Lisbon with Sporting, for their first game in the Europa League “16” phase, while today Rangers are facing Benfica away for the same stage of the event. Rangers chasing Atalanta in Lisbon last night, after Atalanta accessed the hotel there Rangers fans are staying — (@thecasualultra)

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