Why Oinousses is not Strategic, but neither the real aim of Turkey!

Christos Makriyannis*
A lot is written and said and much analyzed for the events…
in the Aegean, but we have to see to things in the real Military and not from the theoretical side.
A long time ago in an analysis that was never questioned , it was noted and recorded that the Turks changed their Tactics in the Aegean and it was reported that the Turks would choose the Tactic of exclusion of our islands and not the occupation !
In any case a Military operation is not with a warning, and much more in a islands, which is guarded only by a Military Outpost ,nor the Concerted and Planned Overflights of Fighters, one end of the island to a considerable height ,at the same time and with the same identical way ,giving time to the Greek fighter to react
There is no reason for Turkey to be spent in a squat if able to, an island and be “prepared “for allegedly bombing a Military objective from 30,000 feet !
The Turkish General Staff has put in place a plan and I’m sure the real goal of Turkey is the island of Oinousses ,of this special moment in time that cannot be used on the inside ,like something important !
The Goal of Turkey is the slicing of the Aegean sea, and already we have accepted that we have lost part of Sovereignty, When our islands are attempting Officers.Hey ,NGOS and solidarity of different Nationalities, with an unknown and dark part, no one can say with certainty that we can impose, or the existence of our National Sovereignty in the Aegean!
A but like everything from the look of things ,the upcoming Greek-Turkish Conflict, who will be the role of the Presence of Nato Vessels only our waters ,and that the κατάπιαμε go for it?
The Results of the Nato War these Vessels in the arrest of λαθροπροσφυγικών flows was minimal and that is not besides, when instead you have a high-speed and agile Ships with Commandos ,using Warships with massive fire power against air and makeshift boats of the smugglers and away from the coast departing !
To come back to our topic …We think that the Real Goal of Turkey is else , apart from the Strategic aim ,that of the dismemberment of the Aegean ,where Europe will agree and will leave us at the mercy of the Turks ,as he did with the Refugee
…Even the Pope came ,saw and departed ,he said I’m taking twelve λάθρομετανάστες Muslim and I hold the tens of thousands of you !
Turkey is preparing something that has nothing to do with the EEZ, and indeed such that it can support and in international Organisations ,although this currently has not been and is of great importance ,since under the fear of Sending illegal immigrants to Europe has given in to the orders of the sultan !
The Exercises of Turkey show the target and how you will do, when I feel confident about themselves and when they realize that we’re about ready to accept this, and not important, don’t react !eidomeni-epeisodia_(1)__article
The Stay, however, and the entrapment in Greece of so many experienced in the guerilla warfare of men and militants, going to cause us huge problems and gaps in our Defense in the country ,but we will have a huge impact on the morale of the civilians in a Greek-Turkish Conflict!
Nor, of course, to expect that the Police and the forces will be imposed on hundreds of …Imposing order and keeping the inmates in a camp. (Who will guard them, and until when?)
The looting ,the murders ,the rapes will be commonplace which will not be treated and sadly began the fear to dominate ,since even the Minister said that those who bang on now ,will be tomorrow’s Jihadis
The signs of fear already seemed from the reaction of the Police Forces on sit-ins and blockades of roads public buildings and the cut-off of the Railway access to Europe of our Country !
In what other Country can this be happening and there is no dynamic reaction …it Is only the so-called humanism or started to nest and fear, or worse still that we accept it?
If and we don’t believe that we hope that the recent governmental council on foreign policy to be entered on the table, and these hot topics ,but it’s probably going to be disappointed once again !
*Makrygiannis Christos is an Officer in the Army huh.a