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Which cheeses make for a grilled cheese

Ideal for saganaki is the gumdrop cheeses, such as formaela, the ταλαγάνι, mastelo and…
the halloumi. The texture is such that it does not dissolve in the pan. Melt only the outside and soften inside. But it should be eaten immediately, because, as long as they’re cold, they harden.
Cut into relatively thick slices, with a thickness of approximately 2 million. and put them in a nonstick pan with a little oil or grilled cheese. Just lightly browned on the underside, the back, and on the other.
The γραβιέρες and luxury can be fried in the same way, but become more delicious if you have a first from flour. The cut, however, in most thin slices (about 1 cm).
White cheeses, such as feta and manouri, which is soft and has more moisture, it will have to be cut into thick slices and passed successively from water, then flour (make sure to cover both sides) and at the end again by water, instant. In this way we create a protective layer around the cheese, which retains moisture and the cheeses keep their shape and do not dissolve.

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