When Madonna arrived “near death”: “God was telling me you want to come with us”?

A step before death seems to have reached 65 her super star of music, which last summer from a bacterial after which, she was hospitalized in intensive care. Madonna, according to CNN, said among other things that “it was a strange thing not to finally feel that I am in control” when she was going through this difficult infection, but she added that nothing could stop her. Having described this adventure with her health as “death experience”, Madonna “I’m not joking. It was pretty scary,” said Madonna who for four days was in an artificial coma. When he woke up, the first word he said was ‘no’. “I’m pretty sure God was telling me: You want to come with us? You want to go this way? And I said, ‘ No. Nope. No.” According to her, she reached a point where she could not walk “from my bed to the toilet”. The super star of the pentagram, she did not fail to thank her children, who “really helped me succeed, because they worked so hard and I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

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