When little Maximus met Kyriakos Mitsotakis at Maximus

And little Maximus first met about a year ago, when the Prime Minister visited Nea Makri, as part of his tours. Today Thursday (14/3/2024) they met again in . Little Maximus was in New Makri, welcomed him, offered him a bouquet and became –then – the Prime Minister’s “good luck”, who pledged in his speech that “after our new election victory, it will be my turn to welcome Maximus to the Maximus”. The second elections, of course, took place in June. Maximus was there again: in Peristeri, in the first speech of Kir. Mitsotakis a few hours after the decree for the dissolution of the House was hatched, he again offered him flowers. “Gurlis” in double, then, the little Maximus, an elementary student, passed today Thursday the door of Megaron Maximos where he was welcomed by the Prime Minister and of course Pinat, who once again stole the impressions. Maximos along with his sister Alexia, a stated fan of Pinat (he even wore a related T-shirt), were guided to the halls of Megaron Maximos and spoke with Kir. Mitsotakis for their school, their neighborhood, their interests. Maximos was particularly impressed with the paintings adorning the prime minister’s office, while he said he would again give “present” to one of Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ election speeches, this time ahead of the European elections.