What’s the wife of Schumacher?

The mystery on the state of health of Michael Schumacher after his injury remains…
unsolved, and it doesn’t look like it can be solved, with the wife of the former German pilot of F1, Corina, prohibiting visits, and even the manager, with whom he had close relationships.
The Willi Weber made sure to complicate the case, with statements of the Bild. The former manager of Schumacher, revealed that Corina is not allowed to see him ever, highlighting, inter alia, that if, in fact, the health of better, then his family would have announced.
“Corina has banned all contact with Mikael. I tried many times, to receive from the Pin a permission to visit him, but each time without success. The situation is horrible for me. But my family is suffering. I don’t know, what’s behind it. Projects are always different pretexts and excuses. My last was announced, that’s not possible, because of the fear of bacteria”, stresses the Weber.
“A spectacular progress of the restoration of the health of the us announced certainly,” adds the former manager of Schumacher, who is concerned about the health of his client.
What can be hides, finally, the wife of Schumacher for the course of the health of her husband. Does worsens the condition instead of fixing it.