What you need to know for the increased weight in puberty?

The new study, published in the international scientific journal…
European Heart Journal, shows that the boys with increased body weight at puberty, have a higher risk of developing heart failure at the beginning of the middle age.
For the purposes of the study, the researchers used data from 1.6 million men in Sweden, which were collected during the period 1968-2005.
Overall, it was observed that the risk of developing heart failure was higher for men who had a body mass index (BMI) greater than 20, during adolescence.
In particular, the risk of developing the disease seemed to increase by 22% for those who had BMI between 20 and 22.5 in their teenage years, to be doubled for values of BMI of 22,5 to 27,5 and is six times greater for those who had a BMI higher than 30.
As the researchers note, the findings of the study emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight early in life, for the long-term protection of health and the prevention of the occurrence of chronic diseases.