What will happen for the FIRST TIME in Chios this Easter?

    The joint decision to…
    don’t fire a single rocket this year they moved the workshops of Saint Mark and the Virgin mary Ερειθιανής in the island of Chios following the developments of the last few days.
    The extra-judicial and the lawsuits by the affected residents of Vrontados had as a result of the change in attitude from the side of the Police which stated that the law will be implemented faithfully this year with everything that entails. In addition to the information that in the Village you will be sent squads of MATT made workshops to review their position since, as mentioned, the custom can be conducted under a climate of pressure and terrorism, reports the politischios.gr.
    Despite repeated efforts to find a compromise it was finally decided this year not to fall absolutely no rocket, since, as pointed out by the ρουκετατζήδες are treated as “criminals” because they are continuing a custom going back hundreds of years.
    However, the fact that this year the rockets that were made do not exceed 20,000 (in the previous years exceeded, and the 100,000) it seems that was not counted by either side after two of the workers affected residents, whose homes are in the “fire zone”, do not allow the intervention of the teams of the Municipality in order to be placed in the protective wires.