What were the measurements for the show masquerade ANT1 it?

    Editor: George Σκρομπόλας
    With hilarious and quite successful disguises returned to the Your Face Sounds Familiar in the evening of yesterday Sunday at…
    our screens. Many of the participants claimed the lead, but the Municipality Beke as a grieco was the one who managed to win this week.
    One of them was the main antagonist of the YFSF last night ,the Final Four of the Euroleague. The show finished first in the tables, ratings of Nielsen, but he had some losses. Both the general and the force, the percentage of the YFSF locked in 30,4%. However, at the time of the results, managed to touch and the 40.4%
    The course of the ratings of the show:
    1st live
    Grand total – 38,6%
    Potential audience – 40,6%
    2nd live
    Grand total – 33,7%,
    Potential audience – 35,7%
    3rd live
    Total 34,3%
    Potential audience – 36,4%
    4th live
    Grand total 35,7%
    Potential audience of 35,5%
    5th live
    Grand Total 29,5%
    Potential Common 30,3%
    *Evidence ratings relate to the time zone of broadcast programmes