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What we must be careful in our markets the sales period

Monday 11 January 2016 begins the period of the winter sales, which will run until Monday 29 February 2016. It’s a chance to make use of the period of discounts and προμηθευθούμε… products that may not be easy to obtain in their original price. As long as we make deliberate choices and to have been informed of the pitfalls that we might face. The Consumer Ombudsman and the European Consumer Centre Greece advise consumers what to watch out for discounts, in order to make smart purchases.
Buy having regard to our family budget and our financial capabilities. Draw up a list with the necessary items.
We don’t buy under pressure. The discounts will last until 29.2.2016, so it is advisable to do market research and comparison of prices and quality, depending, of course, with our needs.
In the case of purchase on credit (credit card with installments or personal loan), we check carefully the individual terms and take into account the charges involved and, mainly, interest, number of installments etc. in relation to the family income.
We check carefully the products we buy, so it is not defective, second-rate etc. In the event that a product is defective, we can ask the shop for repair or replacement or refund. This is not the case, if the attractive price of the product is due to the fact that it is defective and there is no relevant information to us.
Compare the prices of the products and not get carried away by the low price of an individual product in the store (product – shill), or from high rates of deductions that are listed in general terms in the windows, and not related to the set of products available.
Keep always the proof of purchase: you Will need it in case the product proven to be defective or as a proof for warranty.
Visit, if possible, the shops before discounts and find the products that interest us, so that we can check if discounts are actual and in what percentage.
Ask for the store policy for any changes, in order to not find ourselves surprised. Usually the deals the stores do not make changes.
The fictitious discounts and offers are illegal. Are a form of deception of the consumer and, therefore, are prohibited.
The store is obliged, in accordance with the Code of Conduct for the protection of the consumer against the offers, discounts and promotions, enter in all the sold items so the price before and price after discount or the percentage discount, to the same tag, so the consumer can make the comparison. It is not sufficient indication of a general rate of discount in the shop window. The same applies for promotions.
Especially for stores stock or outlet, need to be documented, for reasons of clarity and transparency, three prices: the original, the price of the stock or of the outlet and, in bold, the final price of the discount.
The promotions vary from discounts: The discounts on products of the season (season), offered at a lower price due to end of season. The distance can be made throughout the course of the year, except the period of discounts, specific products or products of a certain category, usually of the previous season and, so, with more discounted rates. It is not allowed to offer items of which the quantity exceeds 50% of the total species available in the store.
If the reduced price the is entitled to a specific category of consumers, for.x. the card holders customer of the store, this should be indicated clearly next to the price.
If the high discount only applies to products with specific features, such as.x. only for clothes or shoes of a particular size or color, then you need this to be clearly stated e.x. the product is available in other sizes or colors but without a discount”.
The dealer obliged and discounts to inform the buyer about the quality and origin of the product and to give any relevant information, including the probable duration of his life.
The instructions for use and the warranty of the product must be in the Greek language.
The rights of the consumer (repair, replacement, or withdrawal), in case of a defective product or lack of the agreed property are valid and in the season of discounts.
In the event of a change of the product during the rebate and if it is not defective, the valuation is made in current, i.e. at the reduced price.
For deceptive practices and a distorted or inaccurate by the percentage of discounts is the responsibility of the Secretariat-General of Trade and Consumer Protection (call center consumer care 1520), which imposes fines.
For problems after our transaction with a supplier established in Greece file a report to the Independent Authority “Ombudsman of the Consumer”.

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