What to do when your child wakes up from a nightmare?

Who said that children don’t have nightmares of? Not only can see but there are…
times I wake up startled in their sleep. What do you have to do in such cases?
It is precisely because he has experienced very, very vivid dream, the first task is to calm down the child. Pet it and reassure it by talking to him calmly.
If we don’t talk for one night only, it is necessary to discuss with the first chance for the nightmares. Ask them to describe exactly what he sees and try to decode the messages.
Dreams (whether they are beautiful or nightmares) they hide desires, fears and anxieties. So with the above discussion you will see clearly what creates in the child a negative psychology of that period.
If we’re talking about a single night, there’s a chance to see a play, or heard from friends about a scary event and these were the reason for the nightmare. In this case, be sure to remove from the mind the bad pictures and the next day the urge to avoid depending on stimuli in the following.