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What to do to not steal it? These are the tips from a former burglar!

Who can know the tricks a robbery better than a…
a former burglar? When he leaves the crime and goes to the camp of the law-abiding citizens, can provide extremely useful guidelines for the prevention of the better-organized robbery.
Following are nine valuable such advice from Michael Fraser, a former burglar who became an expert in matters of home security.
1. Pets you Have a pet? Well you are doing. Don’t διατυμπανίζετε with warning signs or stickers on doors and windows because in that way the burglars will know that it is less likely to have a pet and a burglar alarm system at home. In addition you will come prepared to “neutralize” your dog unfairly. Better to catch them off guard.
2. Social media Never announce that you’re leaving for vacation on Facebook and other Social Media. It’s like saying to the burglars: “Come to steal from me, I’m away from home”.
3. Real estate If you are going to give photos of your property to a real estate agent should keep in mind that burglars today are preparing very well through the internet, looking for pictures of the target and using even the Google Street View. So be careful the pictures don’t reveal items of great value or to make clear the layout of the house.
4. Windows Always use tinted windows that prevent them to look inside the house and security windows that can’t be broken easily. The bandits rarely get in the process to break glass because of the noise but also the risk to get hurt.
5. Garden do Not leave exposed to the garden, stairs and other tools that can be useful in their attempt to break into your home. Also, the bandits are looking for the trash trying to figure out your personal data. So don’t throw documents in the trash before you destroy them.
6. Out of the house To a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant never leave your bag on the floor. Swipe the on the chair or put her in a spot where you have visual contact. Your mobile don’t ever leave on the table, it is very easy to grab one. When you go for shopping, never put your bag in the basket, while when you pay with a card to hide well your personal password.
7. Inside the house, don’t leave your keys in plain sight and never write your address on the key chain. Because they find ways to violate all the doors, it is good to put back some kind of security latch.
8. Valuable items plus Most burglars are looking for small items such as ipad, jewelry, and laptops that can be stolen easily in a few minutes. Do not leave doors and windows, even for a little while. You will be amazed at how fast they can be and with the points from where they can sneak in. The best part of the house to store valuable items is in a loft, avoid it because there you don’t have a way of escape.
9. If, however, you become a victim of burglary… Take pictures from every corner of the house to give to your insurance company and carve a good memory for what may be missing. People usually do not realize the extent of the loss up to testify to the police

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