What they say about the Brexit Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover

The ceo of Aston Martin urged the british government to…
ensure duty-free access to EU markets.
The ceo of Aston Martin, Dr Andy Palmer urged the uk government to ensure duty-free access to EU markets, after the vote of the British people in favour of Brexit.
“We acknowledge the decision and the sovereignty of the republic,” said Palmer in Reuters.
“The Aston Martin will guide now the business of the implementation of the medium-term plan in the context of output and the volatility of the market that may exist during the transitional period,” said Palmer, adding that a weaker pound is expected to “partially compensate” the increased volatility.
“Given the fact that Britain may now be subject to new trade-tariff barriers, we also expect the need for additional productivity and efficiency in the medium term,” he said.
The government now needs to “maintain economic stability and to secure an agreement with the EU, which ensures that the interests of the british motor industry – this includes ensuring duty-free access to european and other global markets.”
On the other hand, the british unit of luxury vehicles of the indian automobile industry Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to all of the production facilities, and adheres to the investment decisions, as reported by a representative of the company.
Jaguar Land Rover, the largest car manufacturer in Britain, accounts for almost 20% of its sales worldwide in Europe.
“Europe is a key strategic market for our business… we remain absolutely committed to our clients in the EU”, mentioned the representative in the notice.