What said Davutoglu for the new Constitution of Turkey?

    The principle of the secular character of the state will be included…
    in the new Constitution of Turkey, has assured today the prime minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu after the intense controversy that was caused when the president of the Parliament declared itself in favour of a religious Constitution.
    The president of the parliament Ismail Kahraman, a member of the ruling ισλαμοσυντηρητικού Justice and Development Party (AKP) chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said this week that the overwhelmingly muslim Turkey have a religious Constitution, a proposal that is in contradiction with the fundamental principles of modern democracy. Then the Kahraman stated that his comments were “personal opinions” and that the new Constitution should guarantee religious freedoms.
    “In the new Constitution draft there will be the principle of secularity of the state to guarantee the freedom of religious worship of its citizens and that the state be equidistant from all religions,” said Davutoglu in a public speech in Ankara.
    “The fundamental principles of the state are not the topic of discussion for us,” insisted the prime minister.
    Demonstrations were held yesterday across the country, some of which were crushed violently by the police, with the protesters denouncing the president of the parliament Ismail Kahraman.
    “As a muslim country, why should we be in a situation where we cancel religion? We are a muslim country. Before anything else, the secularism of the state should not be there in the new Constitution,” said Kahraman, causing immediately the rage cycle in favour of the secularism of the state as well as of the whole of the parliamentary opposition.
    The AKP also took distances from the Kahraman. “The president of our parliament expressed its own views”, responded the president Erdogan during his visit in Croatia.
    After his rise to power in 2002, AKP is accused by its critics that it wants to εξισλαμίσει the Turkish society.
    The party has allowed the islamic headscarf in schools, thus removing the decades of strict prohibition in the public service and the universities, with the consequence to cause the wrath of the supporters of secularity of the state, who’s accused of dissolves the principles of modern Turkey, as put forward by its founder, Mustafa Kemal.