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What provides for the concession of the airport “Macedonia” in Fraport

At 35,000 square feet, or a rate of 128% is expected to increase by 2020 the reception and service of passengers of the airport “Macedonia”…
Thessaloniki, based at least in artie signed a contract of concession for the exploitation of the airport, as
announced yesterday, the president of the Fund for Private Property development Public (HRADF), Stergios Πιτσιόρλας, answering questions of journalists, in the context of an information meeting in Thessaloniki, greece.
While the president of the Fund not mentioned the exact amount of investments, which will carry out the 14 regional airports concessionaire Fraport AG-Slentel Ltd, pointed out that there is a detailed forecast for each airport. He added, that has been agreed with the concessionaire consortium for the preservation of a particular high-level services for 40 years -so to satisfy this need, as well as the transport project will grow over the years, you will have to be made every time the required new investments.
The extension of the service areas of the airport “Macedonia” is a constant request by both at times, administrations, and agencies of Thessaloniki (p.p. the creation of the new terminal, with the ability to serve 8 million passengers, it was envisaged in the master plan for the airport, “Macedonia”, with a total of 19 interventions, but was wrecked in 2005, due to a lack of the necessary funds. This master plan was presented in 1997 and has since performed 17 of the 19 projects, in addition to the cancelled passenger terminal is pending, and the completion of ramp landings-take-offs 10/28, which will allow carrying out transatlantic flights).
Political message and vote of confidence with immeasurable value
Mr. Πιτσιόρλας featured the concession of 14 regional airports to be very advantageous. “Signing the convention is a political message with immeasurable value,” he noted and added that, while Greece is pressed and there are doubts whether she would be able to get out of the crisis, Fraport has decided to invest in the country of 1.2 billion. euro, plus 300 million. in the next four years, which is a vote of confidence in the prospect of the country and “answer all the doubts”. He pointed out that the second bid was half a billion. euro from that of Fraport, while he recalled that every year the company will pay a rent of 23 million. euros for the airports and will be returned to the public very important part of the profits.
For the statements Σπίρτζη
Commenting on the statements of the competent minister, Christos Σπίρτζη, that he disagrees with the way the concession of 14 airports that signed the contract with a lot of pain, mr. Πιτσιόρλας pointed out: “it Is absolutely reasonable to there are views that are different, and in the Left. I appreciate the attitude of the minister, that, despite the disagreement has not been an obstacle to proceed with this decision”.
I will denounce the contracts of the companies handling and tax free
In terms of the basic contracts of companies operating in the 14 regional airports (eg. companies handling and duty free), mr. Πιτσιόρλας pointed out that these will not be reported, but will be renewed.
Positive announcements for the city of Thessaloniki with a view to
In the meantime, during today’s visit to Thessaloniki mr. Πιτσιόρλας had a series of contacts with agencies of the city, for issues such as the beach and the properties (e.g. stoa Modiano), which manages the FUND of the city. “Very soon, by the end of 2015 or the early 2016 we will be able to announce developments on topics of interest to the Θεσσσαλονίκη and give breath in many areas,” she said, without, however, be extended to further details, despite repeated questions.

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