What makes a man attractive and irresistible -12 details

    Can the external display to “count” in a man, as a woman, however, girls don’t stand just there…
    There are details that make a man sexy in their eyes and have nothing to do with how handsome he is.
    The style, the way he looks at her, and even how quickly she responds to messages are some of the elements that make a man irresistible.
    The cosmopolitan.co.za, pack of 12 details and presents:
    Answering them in a timely manner. No one wants to be around someone who answers after hours in the “What are you doing?”.
    Time T-Shirts in his size. It’s not aesthetically nice a man to wear clothes that don’t make it, nor can it be glued on it, not three sizes bigger.
    Wearing socks that match the clothes. No white socks in the streets, alleys and beaches!
    The look in the eyes. When dating, looks up at the woman who accompanies you in the eyes and not stare at everything around him. It’s not polite.
    Listen and watch what he says. From the most important to the most trivial.
    It smells great. Time cologne that goes and fits with the season. Of course he’s not wearing it by the pound!
    The it helps. It works for that mug can’t reach the shelf, picks up the dishes from the table, when they eat together at home.
    The kiss, when he leaves the house, and he says, “we Speak”. For obvious reasons.
    The hugs after a bad day. It’s those days, that turns pieces and a bundle of nerves and all you need is food and a hug.
    The wait outside the restaurant or the bar and as soon as he sees her smiling up to the ears. Yeah, like a scene from a movie.
    Opens the door of the car, the shop that go, pulling the chair out for her. A gentleman.
    Pulls out wallet to pay. Yes, some people might consider it to be outdated with the economic crisis, however, a man good is to make the wallet to pay for the food. That will buy you something else, is not unconscious.