What is it about this Politics & Government category?

I’m a newbie to this Yahoo Q&A business, but the general quality of the language, the level of reasoned discourse and debate seem to me to be so. . . diminished, even from other category groups.

Might it be the nature of the topic perhaps (politics and government) or just the group that uses it? Might it even be a function of the ‘points’ system used, where jotting something down for a couple of points is more important than a carefully crafted presentation?

To be honest, I’ve never seen so much badly spelled, unreasoned, dogmatic gainsaying in my life! It’s quite appalling actually.
One day later, and what do I find? Precisely the sort of unreasoned, confrontational and insulting language I made a point of in my question!

By the way. . . the best way to get a point across is by respecting your audience enough to make it cogently. A sense of humour helps a lot, as some have chosen to do. Insults get you nowhere. They merely show you for who and what you are. You should be ashamed.