What flat white is and why Google dedicates its Doodle

In the brown flat white, it is dedicated to today’s Doodle. It is about the popular espresso-based beverage, whose origin creates some confusion as it is claimed by both Australia and New Zealand. Google decided to dedicate the current doodle to flat white, as today, March 11, 2011, flat white was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The appearance and taste of a Flat White is quite similar to a Cappuccino or a Latte, but with small differences in both its quantity and appearance. Flat White usually has an intense espresso shot (or two, depending on preferences) served with milk in the same amount or slightly less than a Latte. Their main difference is in the sparkling texture of milk. Flat White has finer foam and smaller bubbles than Cappuccino, providing a softer and unified taste. It is a choice of coffee that allows the taste of espresso to stand out while offering the creamy texture of milk. Usually Flat White is served in a small cup, instead of the largest cup usually used for Latte. The cup helps the dense and single taste of coffee. To make Flat White, you need: 1 shot espresso (about 30 ml) 100-120 ml milk espresso coffee maker Milk steam cooker (or milk hit in briquette) Milk thermometer (optional) Steps Make an espresso. Heat the milk to 60-65°C, beating it with a steam cooker or using a briquette. Pour the warm milk into the espresso with circular movement, creating a velvet layer microfoam. Serve warm. Tips: Use fresh, well roasted coffee for optimal taste. Warm the milk properly to avoid bitter taste. Beat the milk until microfoam is created with velvety texture. Pour the milk into the espresso carefully to keep the cream.