What emerged as the most beautiful car?

The Hotel National Des Invalides in Paris, a centre for rehabilitation of war wounded from the…
17th to the early 20th century and now a museum, hosted the Festival Automobiles International. This is the contest where the audience votes on the most beautiful to design cars.
The title of the “most beautiful car for 2015” went to Renault Talisman, the replacement of Laguna. In addition, the Vice president of Design of the French brand, Laurens van den Acker was awarded the Design Grand Prix for its overall presence over the last year. As a best promotional σποτβραβεύτηκε this for the Renault Espace, starring Kevin Spacey (see HERE).

Finally, the award for the “most beautiful concept car of the year” was given to Mazda for the RX-Vision, the impressive forerunner of the next sports car of the japanese brand, with a rotary engine.