What did Elena Akrita about the conflict between Lazopoulos and Georgiadis you?

In a humorous way…
commented on Elena Akrita the controversy that has erupted in the last few days between Adonis Georgiadis and the Lucky Rose.
“Adonis has an affair with Lucky and they broke together in the Στάργουορς or something I didn’t understand well?”, wrote mrs. Ranger to her personal account on Facebook.

The candidate for the presidency of the New Republic gave it to me yesterday, in the race with the Lucky Rose, one day after his attempt to speak live on the show “Al Tent”. “Mr. Lazopoulos has κανιβαλίσει a lot of people in the past, I’m not the only one. With the difference that I’m not afraid to τσαλακωθώ. That’s why I want to vote for the Νεοδημοκράτες, because I don’t look like the other politicians and I have my hands untied. That is why we will build the SOUTHWEST that we dream of. That is why I invite the world to vote Adonis Georgiadis, to be afraid of people like howard stern, have hurt the lineup and Greece, as few do,” he said in a statement on Wednesday, the blue member.