What are the qualities of a truly educated man according to Socrates?

According to the modern data…
“educated person” is one who has read a lot of books, has finished university, it is generally the one who theoretically has knowledge.
But when they asked Socrates to teach them the definition of the educated man, he didn’t mention anything about the accumulation of knowledge.
“It’s the education that said, it’s a matter of behavior… What people I consider educated on that?”
1. First of all, those who control unpleasant situations , instead of controlled by them.
2. Those who face all events with bravery & sense.
3. Those who are honest in all their dealings.
4. Those who are faced with facts unpleasant and people don’t like well-intentioned.
5. Those who control their pleasures.
6. Those who didn’t were defeated by the mishaps & failures.
7. Finally, those who have not been damaged from the successes and the glory of them…”